Monday, July 14, 2014

Girls Are Insane

Let's get a few things out of the way first.
I am a girl.
Sometimes I am sexist but it's more of a teasing thing.
This blog is made up of real things and I am not making this up but I am replacing names with different names though.
I've had a fair collection of guy friends and girl friends. What I've noticed is with guys, they come and go quicker, although I get pretty close for a while and then they just sort of fade out of my life. With girls, the process is a lot slower, but it also means we build a trust foundation and we're a lot closer than we are with other guys.
This said, being closer to someone can sometimes mean you know their innermost insanity.
Which can be scary, and can also be enlightening. You're not alone.
And if you're a girl, you may think you don't have any of these scarily insane thoughts or whatever but you probably do. Don't deny it.
For starters, let's start with me, so it's fair. I have an uh... asshole brain. Not your regular, "why is cereal called cereal" at 4am brain. No, my brain is actually decent in those situations.
What my brain does, instead, is whenever I'm in a dangerous situation, e.g., a high place, my brain will be like hmm. What if you jumped? Or, if I had a knife, what if you just stabbed yourself? There was a period in my life where I would refuse to handle knives because of this (now, however, to learn the art of throwing knives is an item on my bucket list). Or other types of "dangerous situations", like, when my best friend is talking, all of a sudden my brain would be like hmm, what would happen if you suddenly yelled I hate you at her? Things like that.
I can't trust myself.
This said, I am not the most insane girl I know.
For example, one of my friends, we'll call her Annika, has minor schizophrenia. And she's probably the most sane of us.
Another one of my friends, we'll call her Katherine, has some pretty shallow mindsets, like her theory that if she thought someone was ugly and she thought she was pretty but someone else thought the aforementioned ugly person was pretty, they would think she was ugly. Or the time she told me that the first time she saw one of my guy friends, she was like, "nope, not talking to them. Ew." Just based off their looks (although personally, I don't blame her. Shh).
Another one of my friends, we'll call her Zee, gets weirdly intense sometimes. She can't take a joke, especially if she's in a bad mood, which is like a lot because her family is also really intense.
Yet another friend, let's call her Colleen, had a crush on this guy she and Katherine (and other people who aren't important to the story) knew. Colleen would tell all these "pity me" stories to the guy involved but to Katherine she would get into fights with sometimes. The guy involved would go on Katherine's account and pretend to be her to fight off the "well you know what, I'm better at the piano than you are." (We'll pretend their passion was piano for the sake of anonymity.)
All the aforementioned people are some of the greatest people I have every known.
Keep that in mind.
Including me ;)
At the end of the day, I do favour girls over guys. Guys are... well, guy-girl things at age 14 is so not worth it. Girls are sometimes really perfect though, little quirks and even those weird moments that add up to the total sum of their perfectness.
I mean, I guess that's just the price of perfect (did you see what I did there? I know you did).
Cheers, Melissa P.